Armor Mobile Systems "ToothBus" Dental Coach 

Armor Mobile Systems currently has a 1996 Dental Coach available for purchase.

Vehicle comes fully equipped with 2 Gray ADEC Patient Chairs, 2 Gray dentist Chairs, 1 ADC Ultrasonic, 1 Peripro X-ray Processor, 1 Lexmark Copier, 1 Prostyle wall Mounted X-ray Unit, 1 Compact Refrigerator, and wheelchair lift equipment.

Vehicle: 40-Foot Fully Equipped Dental Coach
Year: 1996
Chassis: Spartan
Configuration: Patient intake, front and rear operatories with Sterilization/ X-Ray processing area. Entrance has reception desk with separate wheelchair access.
Description: Coach is in excellent condition!
Availibility: Call to Inquire
Price: $125,000