Armor Mobile Unit Interior

Mobile Units

Armor Mobile Systems builds all of our mobile units from heavy-duty truck chassis. We do not simply modify an existing vehicle intended for another use, such as a bus or recreational vehicle. We are Hologic 3D certified and work closely with medical equipment providers including GE and Siemens, to ensure our coaches are equipped with the highest quality medical equipment and latest technology available for your patients.

We start with the highest quality components and materials and purpose-build each coach for your particular industry and needs. Our engineers, designers and craftsmen have more than 100 years of experience, and have built hundreds of coaches from the “ground up”. They know what it takes to build you a superior mobile medical unit. While others may convert an existing recreational vehicle shell into a medical coach, our vehicles are always custom-built on heavy duty truck chassis. RV-based vehicles were never designed or engineered to withstand the foot traffic of thousands of medical patients. Every Armor coach is built to weather the rigors of even the busiest medical program.

Armor builds better with standard features, including:

  • Air Ride Equipped Freightliner Truck Chassis for a Stable and Comfortable Ride
  • Cummins Diesel Engines for Long Lasting Power
  • ABS Air Brake Systems for Safe and Controlled Stopping
  • Central Heating and Cooling Systems to Provide Consistent and Even Comfort
  • Oversized Diesel Generators for Full Off-site Operation
  • Computerized Automatic Leveling Jack Systems for Easy Setup
  • Welded Aluminum 2”x 2” Tubular Construction with a 10 Year Warranty
  • Commercial-Quality Wall and Floor Coverings
  • LED Headlights for Maximum Driver Visibility
  • Proudly Made in the USA

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